New free cat and dog fonts from Wowmypetdidthat.com

Greenville, North Carolina—Those looking for a way to stand out when designing pet-related materials or sending a message to a fellow dog or cat lover, are in luck, as Wowmypetdidthat.com has recently made two new fonts available for free.

Designed to be decorative, but still highly readable, one new font features small cats on most letters, numbers and characters. The other font features characters decorated with dogs and dog bones.

wowmypetdidthat.com cat font letters and characters
Wowmypetdidthat.com Cat Font letters and characters

Wowmypetdidthat.com Dog font

“We’re happy to make these free resource available to cat and dog lovers everywhere,” said Barbara Bullington, wowmypetdidthat.com editor and the graphic designer who created the fonts. “I think people will enjoy using these fonts in special pet-related projects, such as newsletters or websites about animals, or just when looking for something different for typing a message to a fellow cat lover.”

Both fonts — Wowmypetdidthat.com Cat Font and Wowmypetdidthat.com Dog Font — were created through calligraphr.com. They can be downloaded from the following links and easily installed for use on any computer.




Need help installing: The instructions at the following link explain how to install and uninstall fonts on a Mac computer: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201749



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