New poetry book celebrates dogs

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A recently released book of poetry is being described as “an nspirational poetic tribute to dogs.”

“No Bones About It: A Dog Lover’s Inspirational Poems” (2nd Edition), was penned by author and dog lover, Jill Meunier,

Meunier’s poetry speaks of her emotional connection with dogs and of her common bond with dog lovers who find comfort in their pets in good times and in bad times. She rhymes a tribute to a dog she rescued in “Weenie’s Story.” In “Lady in a Dog’s Life,” she shares what goes in the life of a dog lover. In “A Wish Upon a Dog,” she expresses her desire to own a dog despite her landlord’s refusal. “Dear Neighbor” speaks about a dog owner’s concern for a neighbor’s dog.

The book also contains poems written from a dog’s perspective. A dog leaves a message for its human in “Old Dog.” “She’s A Mess” talks about a dog’s description of – and gratitude to – its human. In “Vices Versus,” a dog shares how its human deals with after-work stress at home. In New Puppy,” it shares what it thinks about a newcomer in the house. “I’m Lost” deals with a dog getting lost after it wanders away from home.

Order a copy on Amazon and ReadersMagnet Bookstore.

“No Bones About It: A Dog Lover’s Inspirational Poems” (2nd Edition) is available on Amazon and ReadersMagnet  Bookstore.

Meunier is also the author of “No Bones About It: More Doggone Good Poems.”


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