Doggie daycare provides valuable jobs to autistic adults

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Many young autistic adults struggle to obtain meaningful, paying jobs. With the need for good jobs for autistic adults in mind, David Marom and his co-founders were inspired to build Pawsability.

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Pawsability Dog Club Inc., is a Brooklyn-based, non-profit dog daycare and grooming facility with a mission to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for autistic adults.

Autistic adult team members can learn a lot about the pet care industry through Pawsability’s vocational training program. This might be the first break for young adults figuring out what they want to do as a career.

For the local community, they get a ample space and care for the well-being of their dogs.

Several service plans are available, including:

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• grooming,

• training, and

• walking.

As Pawsability grows, Marom is excited to scale the organization’s reach by hosting more autistic adults who are eager to learn and partake in the training program.

To learn more about Pawsability, including its mission and services, visit

You can also check out the following short video:



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