Our favorite Wow My Pet Did That stories from 2022

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It’s hard to believe that 2022 is over already and that 2023 is here.  As we get into the swing of things for the new year and say goodbye to the old year, let’s take a look back at some of the best Wow My Pet posts/stories from 2022.

1) This book about Ghost Cats was a fun read and perfect for posting a review of close to Halloween.

Do cat ghosts exist? New collection of true stories might convince you that they do

2) We love it when someone is willing to share a great pic with us, and this adorable and funny chicken protecting her chicks pic still makes us smile.

Exactly how many legs does that chicken have? Picture of the day

3) Another share led to us being able to use some incredible footage of a bear in someone’s backyard, but we also love this post because we learned a lot about protecting chickens in the process of researching and writing it that we were able to share with readers.

How to keep bears away from your chickens

4) Although we’re tooting our own horn, we are proud of coming up with this pet fur effect that people can easily create in Adobe Illustrator:

This pet fur won’t stick to your clothes! Creating a fur text effect in Illustrator

5) This was an important story because of its focus on the environment and we hoped it inspired a lot of readers via a great list of easy-to-follow tips:

10 great ways to have an eco-friendly pet

6) Going for walks is great for dogs, great for humans, and, according to this study, good for your neighborhood.

Neighborhoods with lots of dog-walking tend to be safer than other places to live says study

7) We’re always happy to lead readers to fun-to-read books with pets in them and this book about a crime-fighting dog and his human partner is one we certainly recommend.

Mystery novel features crime-solving dog; My review of ‘Dog’s Honest Truth’

8) This story was also shared with us and shows how a little creativity, along with some upcycling, can make for a great home for one’s chickens.

Check out this chicken coop made with recycled materials!

9) This documentary about “chicken people,” was a fun and memorable watch and definitely recommended for anyone who loves raising chickens. Check out more in our review, at:

A review of ‘Chicken People’ documentary

Here’s a great big thank you to our readers in 2022 along with an equally huge expression of appreciation for those who shared photos and stories with us, and a wish for a happy new year for all in 2023!


  1. You’re welcome! The end of the year list of one of my favorite posts to write. Happy reading! 🙂

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