Our homage to the amazing artist Elgato Gomez

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You may have seen the work of Elgato Gomez on Pinterest or elsewhere on the Internet.

That’s especially true if, like us, you love the mid-century modern period and/or you love cats. A number of Gomez paintings feature both, and they are very eye catching.

In fact, we saved a few on Pinterest and one of the ones we saved is by far the most often saved and shared pin we have on any of our Pinterest boards to date. We get almost daily messages that someone has shared this pin, in fact.

This is the painting/pin we are referring to:

Very cool, right?!

We thought so too. So, we decided to pay homage by creating our own computer art version.

Our girl with cat art

And then we decided to have a little fun with some computer animation:

Girl petting cat animation

We hope this doesn’t make us copy cats. Pun intended. But we really do find Gomez to be an inspiring artist, and, we had a little fun creating some digital art and sharing a look at her work with others.

You can see more of the works of Elgato Gomez by following her on Facebook.

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