Our picks for cat Halloween costumes; and they’re all under $20 (some under $10)!

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We previously wrote about Halloween costumes for dogs. Today, it’s time for our favorite cat costume picks this year.

Whether your cat is sweet, funny, majestic, cool or spooky, or a combination of all of these, you will likely find something on this list that will help them show of their personality (or, purr-sonality):

      1. Help your kitty strut their stuff with this “Elegant Cat Peacock Halloween” Costume

    It looks like it is nice and easy to put on, and, although, the headpiece might not be a hit with some cats, the “tail feathers” still make the costume work well without it.

    To order from Amazon or for more information, click here.

    2) The cuteness factor is off the charts for this Idepet Pirate Costume. Even Johnny Depp would likely be jealous of how pirate-y your little feline looks.

    For more information or to order on Amazon, click here.

    3) Many cats are little princesses. In fact, one of the most wonderful cats we have ever had was named Tabitha, but we nicknamed her Princess, because she acted like one.

    This “LEIFIDE 4 Pcs Princess” costume will be good for not just one, but two, furry princesses.

    For more information, or to order on Amazon, click here.

    4) Panda bears are notoriously cute. So imagine the cuteness overload when your cat dons this Panda costume.

    And kitty, or a small dog (if you have one), can also wear it as a coat even after Halloween is over.

    To order on Amazon, or for more, click here.

    5) A traditional scary Halloween costume, such as a bat, works great for a cat. And, although this is a fairly simple costume, it will still let your cat make a memorable, spooky statement. yet how it still manages to make a statement.

    For more information, or to order on Amazon, click here.


    • I would love to see that! So fun! I have a pumpkin costume for my cats but they don’t love wearing it.

    • Not so into costumes, is he? He’s a handsome fellow though! he actually reminds me a lot of the cat, Tabitha, I mentioned under the princess costume.

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