Our picks for Halloween treats for your cats

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Halloween is fast approaching. And, in the spirit of the season (pun intended), we have some recommendations for spoiling your feline friend.

Whether your cat is sweet, cool or curious, or a combination of all of these, you will likely find something on this list that will help them show of their personality (or, purr-sonality):

Our first pick is a two-pack cat collar with removable bow tie.

The collars both come with bells, which some cats don’t like, but the bells do look fairly easy to remove. The collars are also made to be “breakaway” collars for kitty’s safety.

Ever have a cat who can’t wait to inspect your latte as soon as you set it down? We have. Her’es a fun alternative to having to share (or dispose of) your drink. It’s a spice latte fall season catnip-filled plush cat toy.


If your cat likes to explore the great outdoors, here’s a fun and safe way for him or her to do so with you, while, at the same time, kitty can show off her or his seasonal gear. It’s a Halloween cat harness and leash set.

This cute harness also has safety features, such as reflective strips and an escape-proof design.

If your kitty prefers to do their adventure-seeking indoors, this Luckitty Cat Tunnel Tube with plush ball toys might provide hours of playtime. And it lights up via self-luminous photoluminescence (we have no idea what that is, but it looks cool).

And, finally, if you have a cat who likes variety, this eight-piece set of catnip toys could be great to treat your kitty with all at once or one treat at a time.

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