Our regifting/remade Nudges toy

Nudges dog treats and toy
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At Wow my pet did That!, we are all about free stuff. After all, pet food and supplies and vet bills aren’t cheap.

So, we are super excited about the free stuff we received from Nudges Natural Dog Treats today.

As a little bit of background, we previously did a post about Nudges Regifting Remade, turning unwanted holiday gifts into festive new toys for dogs.

Celebrate the holidays by regifting your holiday sweaters, socks and ties to your dog in the form of a toy they will love. Visit NudgesDogTreats.com/Regifting-Remade

We loved the idea and decided to participate. We sent them two wool holiday hats that were cute, but super uncomfortable.

Today, we got the hats back in the mail in the form of a new dog toy. Nudges also sent us a free pack of Nudges Dog Treats.

Nudges dog treats and toy

Maybe it’s because this toy had both familiar and unfamiliar scents on it, but both dogs were really happy about this toy. And they were even more joyful when they found out it had a squeaker insde.

Dogs with stuffed toy

But the treats were the thing that really got their attention:

dogs eating Nudges treats

All in all, we were very impressed. What a great idea for a giveaway. Thank you Nudges from Caramel, Scooby and Wow my pet did That!

Although the time to participate in the Nudges offer is over, you can still try making your own.

There are some tutorial videos and online instructions that Nudges dog treats will provide throughout the holiday season.

Click here for their instructions on how to make a DIY Dog Bone Toy.

Or here for instructions on how to make a cute cat toy out of Christmas socks.






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