Our review of a new litter box — Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan

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Today I’m reviewing a recent purchase — the Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan.

cat litterbox

By the way, that adorable paw print mat is from Dollar General. It was only $4, and I’m planning on going back and grabbing a couple more to put under the pet’s good dishes. It looks nice, its inexpensive and it has little grooves to catch things, like kitty litter and dry cat food.

But the main review is, of course, the litter box.

I bought it on Amazon.com. It was $18 (free shipping) for Prime members, which I am, so I liked the price.

I also like the look of it. I got the silver and large version. In person, it’s nice and shiny and definitely big enough for my cats.

Another plus is that it is sort of triangular in shape, which makes it really easy to place in a corner. I put in the bathroom, which is small, and I like that it can be pushed pretty close to the wall and cabinet so it doesn’t take up more space than necessary.

It does come with a plexiglass shield ‘door’ to cover the entrance, but I currently have it off because my cat, Motor, is still getting used to this new litter box (her previous ones didn’t have covers). I think she has a little trouble with her eyesight because she spends a lot of time staring at anything new, ready to run in case its dangerous and tries to attack her, and this litter box was no exception. But, she did finally “slow walk,” into it and use it. I think the lure of new kitty litter was probably attractive to her.

Once she is using it on a regular basis, I will probably put the cover back on.

One warning I would give to anyone purchasing this litter box is to either place something in front of it or make sure there’s a  lot of litter inside to keep it weighted down with plenty of litter.

I discovered after Motor used it for the second time. As she was coming out of the box, it started to tip over with her weight and the litter she had just used spilled onto the floor. Motor is a medium-sized cat, and probably a couple of pounds overweight, but not super heavy, so I figured this might happen to other cats as well. At first, I didn’t put a lot of litter in it because I was running low when I first set it up, but, after the tipping over incident, I made sure to put in a lot more.

Overall, I like the look and the price. It’s about as attractive-looking as a litter box can probably get. It’s also less expensive than most covered litter boxes that I Iooked at. I definitely recommend it and will probably get a second one so the cats don’t have to share it.

If you’re interested in more information about this litter box, you can click on the following Amazon product link.



  1. That is a nice one. Believe it or not where we have our many litter boxes there aren’t any corners available, big furniture is in the way.

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