Our review of Milk-Bone brushing chews

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I recently decided to give Milk-Bone brushing chews a try for my four dogs. It had been a little while since they had some new bones to chew and I wanted to get them something. But, at the same time, I was also hoping to find a treat that would be good for their teeth.

The package of 18 large dental treats in the dog food aisle at the grocery store caught my eye, so I picked up the Large size ones, which are for dogs 50 pounds and over.

The package notes that the chews “use scrubbing action to help reduce tartar build-up, maintain healthy gums, and freshen breath.” They are also fortified with calcium and help with brushing teeth through, “scrubbing action.” In fact, in the little, tiny print on the back of the package it states, “When fed daily, MilkBone brushing chews are as effective as brushing a dog’s teeth twice a week based on the reduction of tartar build-up and bad breath.”

I liked they they were bone-shaped because I figured that would appeal to my dogs who vary in age and also in finickiness. But I wondered if they would be interested in this green-colored imitation bone.

I needn’t have worried because it turns out all four dogs were crazy about these treats. They all took one the first timee without hesitation and made quick work of chewing them till they disappeared. Then, every day, when it was time for a new one (the package recommends one per day), they would start getting excited when I even neared the bag with the treats in it on the kitchen counter.

Here’s a picture of Amy about to enjoy one of hers:

dog with brushing chew










I’m pretty happy to have found something the dogs all like and that is good for them, and I will definitely be buying these treats again.



  1. Hi, I was looking for reviews on this product because my dog also loves these. But I came across an article on goggle search that said they could be harmful to the dog because they were “indigestible”! I guess her dog wasn’t crewing them toughly. But still I was concerned about the word “indigestible” , her dog had a blockage and had to be operated on.
    Any Comments?

  2. That definitely sounds like something that would be worthy of concern. My dogs didn’t have any problems with the treats, but they also haven’t had any in awhile since we’ve been on a budget. I’m not a veterinarian and can’t give medical advice regarding pets, but I believe blockages can happen when a dog doesn’t chew a treat thoroughly, becoming a bit overzealous during the experience and swallowing a piece or pieces that are too large. If your dog falls into that category, a softer treat might be a better route. I have an article about making your own dog biscuits at https://wowmypetdidthat.com/dog-biscuit-gift-bottles/. The treats can be cooked to consistency, including soft and moist, and my dogs love them. Plus, I always like baking for them and I know exactly what the ingredients are. A veterinarian would also likely be helpful to check with regarding what treats would work well for your particular dog due to size, age, breed, etc.

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