Our review of Nature’s Logic 100% All-Natural Cat Litter

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With two cats in the house, I’m always on the lookout for a good cat litter. I’ve also had cats in my life for pretty much all my life, so, at this point, I don’t think there are too many brands of cat litter I haven’t tried.

I was excited to try Nature’s Logic 100% All-Natural Cat Litter though because, it is, of course, made out of pine, and not the usual clay material that most kitty litter is made of.

Up close view of Nature's Logic cat litter "pellets"

Even though their litter box is inside a three-sided “cabinet,” I’ve been having a big problem with my cats knocking litter out of their box and it getting all over the floor, so I was looking forward to seeing if the larger pellets from the litter would be helpful in that regard.

Four days after starting to use it, I can still say that the pine litter has definitely stayed in the box.

So, I’m very happy about that.

How does it work, you might wonder? The product packaging recommends scooping solid waste daily and changing the entire box as needed.

As mentioned, I’m four days in, and not seeing any need to change the entire box just yet; which is good because litter which turns to the dark side quickly is never fun. And, the 12-ounce bag I’m using still contains enough fresh litter for one more complete fill of the litter pan.

By the way, the bag was lighter than the usual clay litter– a definite plus for me because lugging the bags home from the grocery store is not one of my favorite chores.

I also liked that no dust rose up with I first put the litter into the pan. Instead, there were a nice pine smell.

According to the Nature’s Logic website, the litter is made from 100% all natural Ponderosa Pine and is virtually dust-free.

The site also notes that it is safe for cats and kittens. (I did notice, when doing research that pine litter is not a good choice for birds and small animals, such as hamsters, because it can cause respiratory infections. So, if you’re going to use the litter for another animal besides a cat, I would recommend doing some research on safety first.)

Another benefit of the product is that it is environmentally-friendly, which is important to me. According to the product packaging, the litter is biodegradable. (According to the Nature’s Logic site, the company has won numerous awards, including being recognized with the Pet Sustainability Top 20 for Pets, People and the Planet by The Pet Sustainability Coalition).

The package also notes that the 100% pine makeup of the litter absorbs up to three times more odor-causing moisture as most clay litters, and I feel like this is true because it has been more pleasant to walk by the litter box for the last few days. The pine scent isn’t in the air anymore–that went away after I poured the litter into the box. But, there definitely seems to be effective odor control and absorbance.

If you’re interested in giving this litter a try, and going to switch your cat from a regular litter type to Nature’s Logic, the product packaging instructions recommends introducing this new litter type by pouring a two-inch layer of Nature’s Logic into a clean litter box and then covering it with a thin layer of the litter you currently use. My cats are fairly flexible, so I skipped this process and they still had no problem making the switch.

bag of Nature's Logic Pine Litter

For a helpful list of questions and answers about Nature’s Logic Pine Litter, check out this link a chewy.com.


    • Not a picky eater, is he? I wish my cats were a little less picky. I gave one a piece of ham last night and she acted offended by my offering. LOL.

  1. How long does it take to turn into saw dust and you need to separate the solid pellets from the saw dust? Currently I use Equisicat pine cobble and the pellets but I like the pellets better. And it appears that the cats seem to use the pellet box more. I like that these look like smaller pellets instead of long have you used other brand of pine pellets, if so how do they compare? do you think that the smaller pellets are softer on paws than the longer ones?

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