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It’s beginning to look a lot like chickens: Outdoor holiday hen light decorations (and some other great chicken finds)

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Post updated: January 2021

We found these at Tractor Supply in Greenville, North Carolina in 2018, and figured chicken lovers would go crazy over them..


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Unfortunately, we’re not sure if they are available currentlty because we don’t see them on the Tractor Supply site anymore. We’ll keep you posted on what we find out as the holidays get closer.

But Tractor Supply does currently have this very similar Gemmy Lightup Chicken with Scarf:

Gemmy Light-Up Chicken with Scarf Holiday …

To buy it from the Tractor Supply website (price is $59.99), you can click here: Buy Now

And these adorable light-up chicks appear to be new to Tractor Supply this year. I haven’t seen them there before, but I’m already in love with them and can just imagine how they would brighten up a yard.

Gemmy Crystal Splendor Wintery Yellow Chic…

For more information on the Gemmy Crystal Splendor Wintery Yellow Chicks Yard Decorations or to purchase on the Tractor Supply website, click on the following link: Buy Now

Another heartwarming chick garden or outdoor statue for those who love all things chicken is this little guy, who at 19.5 x 9.5 x 24.5in., is not actually so little, ensuring that all visitors to your home will be able to see it’s bright yellow adorableness.


When the weather gets cold, you might also enjoy staying inside and cooking with this red porcelain steamer shaped like a chicken:

For more on this steamer, which is $39.99, click on this link to Tractor Supply:

No chicken-themed kitchen would likely be complete without these adorable chicken towels, also available at Tractor Supply:
These Zingz & Thingz Chicken Dishcloths are available for under $20 (under $15 if you find them on sale). For more, click on the following link:
Note: As a qualified affiliate for Tractor Supply, I earn a portion of any sales of above-mentioned products.

Here are some cute chicken-themed Amazon products I picked out too!

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission on qualified sales.


  1. I see that TS still does have the Gemmy lighted chicken with red scarf. It is Nov. 2020 now. I can’t find anywhere where it says that this can be used outdoors and I want to make sure it can be before I get one. Hoping you might know….

  2. Where can I get the Gemmy lighted chicken with red scarf? I have looked everywhere. We need 1-3 to go with our Christmas cow in our yard.

    1. Hi! If you click on the link under the picture of the lighted chicken with red scarf above, it should take you to it on the Tractor Supply site where you can buy it. Also, it looks like it’s currently on sale!

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