Personalized child horse storybook released

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Queenstown, New Zealand (—The Kids Book Company released the first book in the world in which the customer can fully personalize both the child and their equine friend.Cover of My Secret Unicorn

With eight kids and six horses or ponies to choose from, “My Secret Unicorn” is the story of the heroic child saving a Unicorn who is lying hurt in the forest. Led there by their horse, with whom they share a special bond, each child works out how save the creature. In doing so, the child discovers their horse is secretly a unicorn.

“It’s effectively about empowering kids to believe they can deal with difficult situations by taking a moment to assess and then problem solve,” said author Jessica Stall. “It’s practical and magical.”

Stall stated that, when tested with a group of mothers and kids, the response was overwhelming.

page from My Secret Unicorn

“At heart, every kid who has or wants a pony thinks they’re secretly a unicorn,” Stall added. “This taps into that feeling of special uniqueness.”

With an ‘educating on the sly’ note to adults at the back of the book, My Secret Unicorn can be a vehicle for discussing some tricky topics with kids — from what to do if someone is hurt to how animals should be treated.

Like all The Kids Book Company titles, My Secret Unicorn is highly interactive and created to work across a range of age groups. For the young ones there’s a teddy or horseshoes to find. For the older ones, there are coded unicorn facts to discover.

“We know how much these books can mean as gifts, so we make them to grow with the kids, staying relevant, meaningful and treasured,” Stall said.

Originally, this book was conceived as a way for pony clubs or other community groups to fundraise. As The Kids Book Company developed the narrative further, testing it with the harshest 6- and 7-year-old critics, it became clear to the team that this story of empowerment, kindness, magic and unicorns has broad appeal, with children and adults alike genuinely loving it.

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The Kids Book Company creates personalized, educational and inspiring children’s books and associated products that target a niche within the personalized gift market segment. Founded in 2016, by New Zealander Jessica Stall and Argentinan Fernando Hurtado, The Kids Book Company expanded in 2017 to include Brisbane-based Colin Cooper.

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