From the beginning, this chicken has made a statement; Pet chicken resembles Cruella de Vil

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Chicken Cruella de Vil lookalike
Ostrich? Cruella de Vil? Nope. It’s a chicken!
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In a recent post from the Chickens, Chickens Chickens group on Facebook, chicken owner and member, Cholena Pino-Pepion, posted about the resemblance of her chicken to Cruella de Vil due to the chicken’s stylish black and white combination of head feathers.

Along with the above picture, Pino-Pepion posted the following: “This lil one cracks me up! We originally named this chicken Ozzy, although I am starting to think that she is a girl so I wanna switch her name to Cruella Deville, lol.”

Cruella drawing

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As many know, Cruella is a fictional character in British author Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.” The same character has been widely popularized by Disney, including via the 2021 movie, “Cruella.

In the Disney films, Cruella has been played by both Emma Stone (“Cruella”) and Glenn Close (“101 Dalmations”), which means the possible name change for Ozzy would put the black and white feathered chicken in very good company.

Ozzy/Cruella lives on a farm with other chickens, as well as ducks and even a dog (no, not a dalmation). But the head of puffy black and white feathers is undeniably attention-getting and smile-worthy, especially for Cruella or “101 Dalmation” fans. The chicken’s unique look is the result of being a “crested.” Not all crested chickens have the black and white combo; for exmaple, Ozzy/Cruella has an all-white-feathered sibling named Sharon.

If you’re interested in more about these stylish chickens, you can check out ten eye-catching crested breeds at this link:

For more about Ozzy/Cruella, or just about chickens in general, check out Chickens, chickens, chickens on Facebook.


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