Pet Etiquette Fails Photo Contest winner announced

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Daily Paws  announced today in a press release that Besa the Bulldog is the winner of its first-ever Pet Etiquette Fails Photo Contest sponsored by Mars Petcare’s GREENIES™ brand.

The contest recognizes good dogs who sometimes mess up, such as taking mud baths or playing with toilet paper.

“All dogs are good boys and girls! They just sometimes forget their manners,” says Karman Hotchkiss, Editorial Director for Daily Paws in the press release. “We editors had a wonderful time looking at the hundreds of submissions to this contest. Dogs are endlessly entertaining, and it was really hard to narrow down the list to the 10 finalists.”

Besa is 15 months old and from Bellingham, Washington. She is also apprently “obsessed with toilet paper,” according to her pet parent, Cheryl Knapp.

Daily Paws received more than 600 submissions from pet parents who shared their photos and wrote brief essays about the story behind each image. Daily Paws editors narrowed the pool down to 10 finalists based 50% on originality of story, 30% on quality of photo and media provided, and 20% on thoroughness of entry completion.

The winner receives a $2,500 grand prize, plus a one-month supply of Mars Petcare’s GREENIES™ Dental Treats, which will hopefully distract Besa from toilet paper.

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