Ten pet lover backgrounds for Microsoft Team and other online meetings

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If you’re anything like me, you have spent  A LOT, like a mind-numbing amount, of time in Microsoft Team meetings lately.

And, like me, you might also be seeking a way to spice up the meeting bit or bring some of your personality to the forum.

That’s why I created some free pet-related backgrounds that you can download and install in Microsoft Teams or use for backgrounds in other virtual meetings.

So, here they are. Choose the one you like best or download them all and mix it up from one meeting to another.

person in front of cat background
Example of this background in use during a meeting.
  1. Our Mid-Century Modern Cat Background should bring a nice retro vibe to any virtual meeting.

And, if your real kitty tries to join in during a meeting–as many cats seem to love to do–his or her meeting cameo appearance might be less of a distraction.

Mid century modern cats on red egg chair

2. Pop Art Donut Cat (inspired by the work of Andy Warhol) might just be the background for your next morning meeting. The combo of cats, donuts and bright colors should have even non-morning people smiling.

Warhol-like doughnut painting with cats

3. Professional cats conference. Here’s a background showing some fluffy business professionals joining in on your conference.

cats in a virtual meeting graphic

4. Brick House With Cats. You can also download the background that says to the world, “I’d rather be home with my cats… Oh, wait, I am.”

cats in front of brick house background

5. Beach Window With Cats. Or, you can incorporate a nice beach atmosphere with these three cute kitties in the window background.

three cats in window looking at beach

6. Abstract Cat and Butterfly. This next one may serve two purposes: Hopefully, it will make others smile, and maybe it will also serve as a subtle reminder to all to keep the meeting moving so everyone can get out and enjoy the outdoors as soon as it’s over.

cat and butterly graphic

7.  Koi Pond. Of course, we don’t want to forget other types of pets, so here’s a lovely koi pond that will likely help bring a little tranquility to your meetings.

koi and lilly pads background

8. Puppy Pattern. If your dog is anything like ours are, an online meeting means, ‘Hey, it’s time to bark.’ But, these little fellas should be nice and quiet, and, hopefully, a great hit with the group in your next online discussion.

dogs with balls graphic

9 and 10. Our White and Black Fur Background and our Pink and Black Fur Background are both classic ways of showing your love for all kinds of furry friends.

black and white fur background

We hope you enjoy these backgrounds and that they bring a little  whimsy to your future meetings!

Not sure how to download and install into Microsoft Teams? Here’s a quick video that shows how.

All backgrounds above created by Barbara Bullington. You are welcome to use the above background images without permission/attribution for decorative purposes within online meetings. For questions about other uses, such as commercial ventures, please contact Barbara Bullington.


  1. Thank you. That gives me an idea. A fishing boat in the water would be really neat! That might be up next. 🙂

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