Pet-ternity leave? Company offering a paid day off a year for employees to spend with their pets

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Company policy gives pet owners a chance to spoil their pets with a romp in the park or spend the day with their pet any other way they choose through paid day off “Paw-ternity” leave policy.

Recently we posted about a Nationwide and Human Animal Bond Research Institute Study that showed the benefits of pet friendly workplaces.

Hot on the heels of that news,

Employees who partake of the “Paw-ternity policy” are asked for both a picture of their pet and a short summary of how they spent their day. Both will be shared “to brighten the days of other employees.”

A big reason for the policy, according to Zesty Paws Coo Zach Popovich, is to acknowledge the company’s commitment to rescue and adoption.

“We believe every animal deserves a loving home, and we strive to do our part to encourage this as devoted pet-parents,” Popovich stated.

Employees who adopt or rescue a pet are offered an additional paid day off by the company, which will pay 50 percent towards any new pet adoption and rescue fees.

According to the release, “Pets mean the world to their owners. They’re loving, they’re loyal, and they’re family. So, it’s only right that everyone does their part to reward pets for their love and companionship with safe and loving homes.”

We couldn’t agree more. We also hope this trend of pet friendly companies continues to grow. Stay tuned…


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