Pet owners can turn smartphones into dog training tool with TrainAway App for fearful and anxious dogs

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TrainAway app allows dog owners to desensitize their pets from loud and scary noises with over 100 professionally or self-recorded sounds.

Colorado Springs, Colorado ( — Pet owners with dogs that experience fear and anxiety triggered by various sounds and loud noises can now turn their smart device into a fully automated dog training tool with the launch of the TrainAway mobile application in the Google Play and Apple App store.

TrainAway is designed to prevent, reduce or eliminate negative animal behaviors that are triggered by sound.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Users choose one of nearly 100 professionally recorded sounds, such as doorbells, fireworks, thunder, footsteps, and more.
  2. The app will play the sounds in a semi-random pattern, dictated by the user’s settings and the apps built in safeguards, at low volumes so the dog does not experience stress.
  3. Over time, the fearful dog will become desensitized to the sounds that previously triggered a negative reaction.

“Kevin Henry, the co-founder of TrainAway, came up with the idea for TrainAway when he was expecting the arrival of his first child,” said Kris Lawson, CEO and Certified Dog Trainer. “He wanted to do everything he could to make sure that his two large dogs were prepared for the new addition to his family.”

Henry and Lawson have been friends since childhood.

“When we started working together professionally,” said Lawson, “we knew the app we developed could potentially help thousands of dogs who suffer from noise anxiety.”

TrainAway works with the speakers built into a phone or tablet, but it performs best when paired with an external speaker that can reach a higher volume. It’s recommended that users combine multiple sounds to more accurately replicate an event.

For example, a doorbell is generally the last in a sequence of events, so it’s paired with other noises that often accompany that sound, such as a car approaching and footsteps.

“My dog Bane is a very anxious dog,” said Adam Faulkner, TrainAway customer and the person behind his dog’s Instagram page, @zaneybaneyadventures. “Within the first week of using TrainAway, I started seeing results. I am extremely impressed with the level of desensitization my dog has accomplished in only the first week, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone with an anxious or excitable dog.”

In addition to the sound desensitizing, Kris and Kevin are currently working on adding a function that would allow the app to connect to a treat dispenser triggered in a progressively increasing pattern as the sounds are played.

“When it comes to pets, training or shaping their behavior is only half the battle,” Lawson said. “Reinforcing these behaviors is where the majority of time is spent. Our goal with TrainAway is to create better-trained dogs and happier owners by automating the reinforcement phase. Imagine if the sound of your doorbell cued your dog to run to their bed to await a treat, leaving you to sign for your pizza or collect a package with ease.”

The TrainAway app is currently available for purchase for $1.99 on the Google Play & Apple App Store. To learn more about Train Away and to see what others are saying about the app, please visit www.TrainAway.Biz.

If interested in the treat dispenser, sign up here to be the first to know when it goes on sale and get introductory pricing.

For more information about TrainAway, visit www.TrainAway.Biz or connect with us on Twitter or Instagram.

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