Pet product review: Kitty City Jungle Panther Play Cube

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We bought the Kitty City Jungle Panther Play Cube, an inexpensive but fun cat toy, from WalMart in Greenville, North Carolina for $4.98 plus tax. We had been eyeing this for a while now. But, our cat, Motor, pretty much likes to sleep on top of things as opposed to inside stuff and we weren’t sure if she would care for a cube.

However, we finally decided to pick one up, figuring our Chihuahua mix might go for it if Motor doesn’t.

Panther Play Cube box

The box it came in is pretty small because the product comes folded up.

folded up Panther Play Cube

And it pops up into square shape easily. It also has a really cute jungle design on the material pattern on the outside.

front outside of cube
closeup of feet on front

Motor was interested in it right away.

cat checking out pop-up cube
Motor in cube
Motor peeking out side window of play cube

Although we didn’t know it when we bought the cube, we also found out from reading the back of the box it came in that you can combine the cube with other Kitty City Pop Open toys to create a larger play area for your cat. (We would imagine expanding it would also be fun for cats to play together in if you have more than one cat.)

back of box showing other toys added to cube

We definitely like this product, especially given the low cost. We were impressed that it got Motor’s interest as soon as we took it out of the box because Motor can be pretty finicky.

We also think it’s a really neat idea for those who are looking for a small indoor shelter for their cat take naps inside of. It’s also cute and extremely lightweight, so very portable.

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