Pet therapy stories blog launched to honor dog helping humans

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A new blog, Pet Therapy Stories, has been created to raise awareness and honor therapy dogs serving their communities.
Pet therapy volunteers may submit stories about special encounters their therapy dogs have had working in their community. The blog also honors therapy dogs that have passed on its Therapy Angels page. There is no charge to be featured.

According to National Geographic, in 2018 there were more than 50,000 therapy dogs in the United States. These dogs, along with their handlers, volunteer their time to share love and comfort with people in their communities.

Therapy dogs make a difference in the lives of others, whether they’re de-stressing college students, being attentive listeners for young readers at the library, comforting hospital patients, bringing a smile to the faces of nursing home residents, or brightening the day of weary travelers at the airport.

student petting therapy dog on campus
Students getting the opportunity to pet a therapy dog at East Carolina University.
And, while therapy dogs always bring smiles, sometimes they inspire miracles, according to Debbie LaChusa, a pet therapy volunteer and creator of the blog. LaChusa has been involved in volunteer pet therapy since 2014, and is certified with her dogs, Hope and Faith, through Love on a Leash and Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

LaChusa says witnessing these small miracles inspired her to create the blog. One of the first stories shared is about an encounter her dog Hope had with a nursing home patient.

“We entered the room and it was apparent the patient was unable to speak when he did not respond when asked if he would like to visit with a therapy dog,” LaChusa says. “That didn’t stop my dog Hope. She walked up to his bedside, pushed her head under his hand, and stood there while he stroked her fur. The patient immediately perked up, smiled, and by the time we left he was trying to communicate with us.”

In addition to sharing therapy dog stories, the blog also honors therapy dogs who have passed. LaChusa hopes to collect enough stories to someday publish a book to honor these giving animals and raise awareness of pet therapy.

To learn more, read inspiring stories, or submit a story, visit


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