Pets helping teens cope with anxiety and pressures of school is focus of new short film

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“A Pet Sees You” is a new short film that is described as “highlighting the mental health benefits of pet ownership for the Generation Z population.”

It is actually only about a minute in length, but seems to definitely capture that sense of a dog (or other pet) always being there to provide emotional support, no matter how, well…crappy the rest of life can get.

“A Pet Sees You” shows the challenges of a high-school aged girl who faces the constant pressures of school, having an online presence, anxiety, heavy use of technology, mass shootings, and the desire to change the world.

The actress in the film stars alongside an affectionate and loyal Weimaraner, who also happens to be her best friend behind the scenes, likely making their on-screen connection even more relatable.

You can view it on youtube or below:

A Pet Sees You
A Pet Sees You

“While previous generations have come to understand the positive impact pets can have on their health and well-being, members of Gen Z are tackling entirely new pressures and mental health issues unique to their generation,” said Steve King, CEO of American Pet Products Association. “We’re committed to doing our part to help promote alternative ways pets can help today’s younger generations cope with their struggles, while joining the meaningful, and extremely timely, mental health conversation.”

The American Pet Products Association’s non-profit campaign Pets Add Life (PAL), partnered with Gen Z director, Richelle Chen, to connect with young adults on a relatable and emotional level.

“With the growing support of research showing that pet ownership can positively affect the Gen Z population, the pet care community has a responsibility to be at the forefront of these important discussions,” said King.

According to a recent Wakefield survey of 1,000 Gen Z Americans ages 11-17, nearly 80 percent have a pet in their household. 60 percent have a dog, 36 percent have a cat, 14 percent own fish and 23 percent have a small animal, reptile, bird or horse.

Research from the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey also shows that 66% of Gen Z members identified stress relief and 61% identified reduced levels of anxiety and depression as health benefits of pet ownership, more than any other generation.

In conjunction with “A Pet Sees You,” PAL has provided resources on its website, including links to mental health lifelines and quizzes to help respondents find their perfect pet.

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About Pets Add Life
Founded by the American Pet Products Association, Pets Add Life (PAL) is a nonprofit campaign dedicated to sharing information about how pet ownership benefits animals and people alike. PAL’s mission is to increase awareness of the bonds and other rewards associated with pets of all types. Primarily through social media with videos, contests and engaging content, PAL spreads the joys of pets and aims to deliver key messages about the human-animal bond, responsible pet ownership, pet acquisition and health benefits of pets.


Featured article image: Screenshot from short film, “A Pet Sees You.”


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