PetSmart shares safety tips for dressing small pets this Halloween

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PetSmart’s Resident Veterinarian, Dr. Gregory Costanzo, says that pet parents should take specific precautions to ensure that small pets are safe in Halloween costumes.

“The bottom line is, when dressing up any kind of pet, pet parents should take it slow and watch for any negative reactions to ensure pets are happy and safe,” said Costanzo in a press release.

PetSmart Tips for Dressing up Small Pets & Reptiles in Halloween Costumes

  • Find a good fit. Ensure your pet’s costume is not uncomfortable or interfering with their movements.
    • Costumes should not cover their eyes or nose and should not be too tight.
  • Use treats. Costanzo recommends using treats to let pets know that dressing up can be fun.
    • “Positive reinforcement has been shown to work with small animals when doing basic training,” he said. “This could help your pet get more comfortable with clothing.”
  • Do not leave pets unattended in their ensemble. Pet parents should always directly supervise their small pets while wearing costumes or clothing to ensure they are comfortable and safe.
  • Watch for signs of stress.
    • For small pets like guinea pigs, Costanzo says signs of stress would include increased respiratory rate (breathing), hunched posture, closed eyes, tooth grinding, pinning their ears back, increased vocalization, aggression or attempting to physically remove the costume.
  • Be gentle during photo opps. Small pets like guinea pigs are easily startled by bright lights and loud noises, meaning pet parents should be careful taking photos, according to Costanzo, who added that pet parents should avoid using the flash.

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