Popular ‘Yellowstone’ TV show likely influencing pet name choice

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Luna reigns supreme as the nation’s top dog name for a second year in a row, according to Camp Bow Wow‘s annual list of top dog names, released in honor of National Puppy Day on March 23.

The list is based on the nation’s top doggy day care’s database of nearly 400,000 four-legged Campers.

Camp Bow Wow's Top 10 Dog Names for 2023
Luna reigns supreme as the nation’s top dog name for a second year in a row, according to Camp Bow Wow’s annual list of top dog names.

The second and third spots remain the same from last year, too, with Bella and Charlie holding at second and third.

Rounding out the Top 10, in order, are:

• Daisy,

• Lucy,

• Cooper,

• Max,

• Bailey,

• Milo and

• Sadie.

Regionally, the majority of East Coast, West Coast and Central states, including Texas, favored Luna, while much of the South, including Florida, favored Bella.

Lucy was the top name in Iowa and Mississippi, while Charlie was No. 1 in Utah. Buddy won in Oklahoma, Teddy dominated in Nebraska, Sadie prevailed in Rhode Island, and Daisy ruled in Illinois.  

The streaming series “Yellowstone” likely inspired a 254% increase in the name Dutton, the ranching family’s surname, and a 60% jump for Rip, the well-liked ranch hand. Hawkeye, the Marvel superhero, grew 120% in popularity for pup names, and Luca increased by 60%, a likely tribute to the Disney animated film of the same name.

According to Camp Bow Wow’s Animal Health and Behavioral Expert, Erin Askeland, it’s important to choose a dog’s name carefully, as it will be used for training purposes and will have a significant effect on the dog’s life.

“Short names are helpful for getting your dog’s attention,” said Askeland. “A good rule of thumb is to stick to two syllables and avoid names that could sound like commands. For example, Clay is a cute name, but it may sound like ‘stay’ to a dog.”

Askeland says that dogs learn their name best when pup parents give positive reinforcement. With treats and lots of love, the pup will catch on quickly.

Here is more information on the top dog names, name trends and tips for naming a new puppy.

Besides information about pet names, Camp Bow Wow offers a variety of training, health and safety tips for new pet parents in honor of National Puppy Day.

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