Product Review: SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray

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Bottle of Catnip mist spray

We found this small bottle of SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray for .99 cents at Walmart in Greenville, North Carolina, so we figured that seemed like a bargain and thought we’d love to try it out on our cat Motor.


Motor has had some catnip in the past, but she hasn’t really gone all that crazy for it. Her true love is Temptations Cat Treats, which she begs for all day long.

Half or more felines actually don’t respond to catnip, so we wondered if maybe Motor was in that group.

Still, the spray seemed fun, so we figured, what the heck?

The bottle was small, containing only .5 ounce of the spray. We first tried spraying it inside a cardboard box to see if the smell would encourage Motor to play inside it. She had no interest whatsoever.

We then tried the spray on her pet bed. It definitely smelled like catnip. But, when that didn’t spark her curiosity either, we put the bottle away for a couple of weeks and forgot about it.

We brought it out tonight and, in a last ditch effort, tried spraying it on a stuffed animal. Suddenly, we got a response. (You might want to watch this video with the sound off since there’s an episode of Dynasty playing in the background and it’s kind of loud.)

Then, as quickly as Motor gained interest in the stuffed animal, she pretty much lost it. It seemed like the smell of the catnip had faded away in a matter of minutes. When we tried to spray more mist on the toy, we realized the bottle was already empty.

We did find the spray available in a large bottle — seven ounces — for a little over $5 on Amazon. While we liked this product and it was fun, and while we do wish Motor would show more of an interest in playing with toys, we don’t think we are going to buy more of the catnip mist.

Actual catnip would probably be less expensive and the smell would last longer. Plus, for now, Motor seems pretty happy keeping herself occupied with her Temptations.

Motor with treats

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