Product Review: SmartyKat Super Scratcher

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So, we were looking in Walmart last night for a scratching post for our new kitty, Jingles, because he likes to sharpen his super long claws on everything — the bed, the living room furniture, the back of the couch.

We feel like if we taught him to put those tiny but extremely sharp claws to work on our hedges, we would have the best looking shrubs in the neighborhood.



Anyway, scratching posts are pretty expensive, so we decided to wait and we bought the SmartyKat Super Scratcher instead.

At around $10, it seemed worth trying, even if it is basically cardboard.

SmartyKat scratcher


Above, it what the product looks like in the box. And, if you buy this product, BE VERY CAREFUL OPENING THE BOX! We weren’t and then we realized that you are supposed to take the cardboard scratchy thing out of the box and then fold the box into a shape that the cat can step up and onto.

With a ripped box, we did the best we could:

assembling cat scratcher
assembled cat scratcher

According to the product information, the scratcher is infused with catnip between every layer of cardboard to help attract cats.

Which seemed to have worked…

Jingles on the scracther



Both Jingles and our other cat Motor were attracted to it right away. As you can see here, Jingles is taking a nice nap on it. We haven’t personally witnessed any scratching of claws on it yet, but we assume they are doing so since it already looks a little clawed in some areas.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with our purchase. We don’t expect it to last long, but they actually sell replacement pieces, which are even less expensive.

So, if this keeps the kitties from trying to Edward Scissorhands our furniture we will be happy.

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