Product review: Wetnoze Health Multivitamin Plus Advanced Formula for Dogs

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A couple of weeks ago, we bought Wetnoze Health Multivitamin Plus Advanced Formula with Organic Turmeric and Probiotics for Dogs. We’ve been giving it to all five of them on a daily basis since then. The supplement is for both large and small dogs, which works well, because we have everything from a chihuahua mix to a 60 pound, well…whatever Scooby is.

We started the vitamins because a few of them are older dogs and we want to give them something in addition to their regular food and treats to help keep them healthy as they get older. Terra is over 15, and Lilly and Maggy and are over 11. We also added the daily vitamins because we read the increasing Vitamin B1 might help get rid of fleas.

Besides 2 mg of B1, the vitamins contain:

Organic Turmeric 50 mg

Dried Yucca Schidigera Extract 30 mg

Vitamin A 3,500 IU

Vitamin D3 230 IU

Vitamin E 7 IU

Vitamin C 20 mg

Niacin 17 mg

Organic black pepper 15 mg

Pantothenic Acid 1.35 mg

Vitamin B6 1.35 mg

B2 1.15 mg

Manganese .6 mg

Folic Acid 200 mcg

Biotin 20 mcg

B12 5 mcg

The cost was reasonable—$22.99 for 60 tablets. Although ingredients offered (such as glucosamine) and vitamin levels differed by brand, the lowest-priced pet multivitamin with the same quantity (60) that we found on Amazon was 7.99. The highest priced was $53.68.

What we think:

We didn’t have any problems getting the dogs to eat these chewy vitamins, which are chicken-flavored, according to the description, so we were happy with that.

We don’t think there’s enough B1 to keep fleas away, if that really does work. They do have fewer fleas than when we started giving them the vitamins, but that could also be because we have been trying several other flea treatments as well.

What we didn’t like was that, once we got to about the bottom third of the container, most of the multivitamins were broken in half pieces (probably because they have a very crumbly texture), as shown in the second picture below. It’s just a minor inconvenience, but it means that we have to fish around for two equal half size pieces for the bigger dogs, since they get a full treat per day (the smaller dogs get half sized treats).

Wetnoze multivitamin plus product in bottom of container

Another thing we didn’t even notice until we looked at one of the reviews on Amazon, was that this product is supposed to be refrigerated. That’s when we saw in tiny print on the label that, indeed, it should be refrigerated, so we wanted to make sure others are aware of the need for refrigeration in case they buy the product. Maybe that’s why they started breaking in half when we got the bottom?

The product description on Amazon, states that these vitamins will do all of the following:

Multivitamin Plus

  • Healthy hair, skin, eyes, liver, kidneys, brain
  • Bone and cartilage health
  • Support for metabolism and immune system

Organic Turmeric

  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory
  • Nautral pain relief
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Liver detoxifier


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces unpleasant odor in urine/faeces

Probiotics – 5 strains

  • Relief from diarrhea and constipation
  • Prevents yeast infections and side-effects of antibiotics
  • Reduces gas and bloating and bad breath
  • Reduces allergies and itching

We are not sure how well all of the above claims are met by the vitamin as our dogs are in pretty good health overall, but we will say, that we haven’t noticed any change in odor of urine/faeces. After having to clean up a couple household accidents, we can say it’s still unpleasant.

However, we take vitamins daily ourselves and know that it definitely makes a difference in our own health even if it’s not something that’s always immediately obvious.

The takeaway:

Will we buy this product again? Yes, it’s very likely. We are happy with the quickness of delivery; the ease with which the dogs take it, making it quick to give to them on a daily basis; and we like the feeling of knowing that we are helping making our dogs as healthy as they can be.

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