Protecting pups’ paws; Baely’s Paw Shield® Announces Nationwide Free Shipping with No Minimum Order

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Lakepoint Asset Management, LLC, creators of Baely’s Paw Shield® dog paw balm and other all-natural pet care products, announced today that they are eliminating minimum order requirements to qualify for Nationwide First Class Free Shipping for all orders placed at

“With winter coming on strong, we want to make sure that everyone in America has access to our safe, high quality, all-natural products,” said Jason Dean, Founder of Baely’s. “We can make sure that every dog in America is protected from snow, ice, road salt and other hazards this winter – with a product that we know is Made in America and completely safe.”

Dean added that, while the products have always had free shipping available at Amazon for Prime Members, not everyone can afford the Prime Membership.

“Now everyone can have the best winter paw protection.”

The ingredients in Baely’s Paw Shield® make it effective protection, creating a hydrophobic barrier between against snow, ice and road salt.

It is highly rated at Amazon and it has over 600 verified customer reviews at TrustSpot.

Baely’s Paw Shield® doesn’t stain carpet or hardwood flooring. The product is easy to apply, long-lasting and completely safe to lick.

Questions? Contact the company at or look over the FAQ pages and great informational articles at


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