Recommended viewing: Buying my dog stuff from Wish

There are A LOT of youtube videoes out there about buying pet products. We feel like we’ve watched at least half of them looking for something interesting or noteworthy. And we found it.

We just couldn’t stop thinking about this video, so we definitely recommend checking out, Buying My Dog Stuff From Wish.

Like us, you might fall in love with Bean, a chihuahua, who actually seems really, really interested in each new package from Wish.

screen shot from Buying My Dog Stuff From Wish

The little pup receives everything from dog booties (which Bean seems to prefer as chew toys) to a doggie harness with wings on it (as her owner joyously exclaims “I’m walking an angel!”).

Although Wish products are relatively inexpensive (the harness is $2), Bean’s reactions to what’s inside each package are also pretty priceless, making this a must-see Youtube view.



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