Refurbishing an old cellphone case with a fur pattern — for a dollar!

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I found this cool fake fur pattern at Dollar General recently for $1.


It’s called Peel N’ Stick Glam Fur Skinz from Grafix and, like it sounds, you can just peel and stick the fur pattern and put it on just about anything, including notebook covers, photo frames, pens, pencils, or, in my case, a cell phone case that had lost its luster.

faux leapoard cellphone case
leopard cellphone case


The kit comes with 2 adhesive sheets. I used about one and a half for the cell phone. Now my phone is super soft. And it’s also very easy to spot, so I spend way less time searching around the house for my phone now.







The kit is also available in five other patterns as shown below, so you can get very creative and try mixing and matching them in your projects.

Glam Fur patterns






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