Review of American Cat folding cat cave

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I was on social media when I saw an ad from five below for this American Cat Club folding cat cave with scratch pad (21 inch).

cat house top view
American Cat Club folding cat cave, top view.
cat house
Scratch pad and attached toy.
cat house
Front view

I thought it was really cute and liked how it was a house, a toy, and scratching post all in a neat triangle shape. Plus, the price ($12) wasn’t bad at all, although, after shipping and handling were added, the total came out to $21.35.

It took about a week to arrive in the mail. When  it came, it was folded down to a rectangle, so it just needed to be popped up into the triangle shape. This is both good and bad. Good, because there’s no assembly needed (technically, anyway). Bad, because, it keeps collapsing on my cat when she tries to go inside it or using the scratching post.

It’s well made in that it is covered with material on both the inside and outside, and it looks sleek. It also definitely got my cat’s attention. As soon as I showed it to her, she raced to go inside it. She’s a medium-size adult cat and the fit was good for her.  I think a larger cat might find it too small.

The price was good. It would have been even better if I had skipped the shipping cost and bought it in the store.

But, I will definitely need to find a way to keep the triangle house propped up so that it doesn’t collapse. I will probably need one or two pieces of wood so I can place one sideways and one going up to shore up the strength of the cat house.

Overall, it was an OK purchase, but it would have been better if it was sturdier so my cat could use it without any modifications.

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