Review of Ameritex Loveseat Cover

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I purchased a small loveseat a couple of weeks ago, and almost as soon as I had it, one of my kitties decided the armrest was a wonderful new place to sharpen her claws.

Armrest my cat Motor thinks is her new scratching post.

So, I new I was going to need to buy a cover quickly.

I looked at all kinds, but I wanted something pretty inexpensive that would still look nice.

I decided on Ameritex Loveseat Cover Water-Resistant Quilted Furniture Protector with Back Nonslip Paws Slipcover for Dogs, Kids, Pets Loveseat Slipcover Stay in Place (Pattern1: Green, Loveseat (Oversized)).


Because the price was so low, I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this cover. I wasn’t even planning on reviewing it. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised and would buy it again in a heartbeat!

First off, as soon as I took it out of the package it came in, I liked how nicely made it was and how soft yet strong the material it’s made with is.

It’s definitely something that will be nice and comfortable to sit on.

As for the fit, it’s a little longer than I thought it would be, but that actually worked out because it covers most of the couch as you can see from the picture below. Instead of using the elastic band on both sides to secure it as shown in the ad picture above, I just slid that down a bit and pulled that over the buttom of the loveseat arm, which should keep it nice and snug.

Loveseat cover

Two other things I like about this slipcover are the non-skid material on the back, which should help keep it in place. That’s an especially important feature for the arm covers (which are attached to the rest of the cover) because I know my cat, Motor, is going to continue to see if she can get away with a quick sharpening on the arms before “Mommy” catches her and I don’t want to have to always be moving the arm covers back into place.

non-skid backing
Notice that the non-skid backing has acute, little paw print pattern on it — another touch I like.

I was also happy to find out that the arm part has a remove control/magazine holder area on the bottom of both sides. I wasn’t expecting that feature, but it’s very nice to have.

holders on side of cover

Overall, it’s well made and looks good. The green isn’t only color, by the way. I chose that because it goes with my color scheme. It’s also available in Beige, Chocolate and Burgundy. If I order a replacement in the future, I think I will likely get the Burgundy one because that would probably also be really pretty.

For more information about the Ameritext Loveseat Cover on Amazon, click here.



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