Review of Amosfun 3-piece wooden chicken figure

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Today, two things came in the mail.

One was my keychain from This site partners with RescueBank to help feed shelter dogs every time a product is purchased on the iHeartDogs site. For more about this partnership, you can visit:

This keychain is a really cute item that helped feed a shelter dog.

It looked nice online, but is even cuter than I expected. It’s very shiny and well made. I put it on my keychain immediately and am expecting a lot of compliments on it.

iheartdogs keychain
“Always by my side. Forever in my heart” keychain. Available at:

However, my main review today is of the Amosfun 3-piece wooden chicken figurines I bought on

The full name of the product is:

Amosfun 3PCS Wooden Chicken Figure Decor Cute Wood Carving Figurines Crafts for Easter Party Home Office Decor Gift

There’s a joke amongst backyard chicken owners that it’s nearly impossible to fight the impulse to get more, and more, chickens.

our four chicks and hen
Four chicks adopted from Tractor Supply this past summer with their foster mother, a Silkie hen.

Another joke is that, if you love chickens, you suddenly find yourself collecting all kinds of hen and rooster decor for your home. Towels, paintings, figurines…the list goes on.

In fact, just last week I did another post about a different chicken statue I bought.

Anyway, this 3-piece set I’m currently reviewing arrived today, as I noted above, and I’m happy with them overall.

When I saw the picture of them online, this is how they looked:

I was really drawn to how whimsical they are. I also loved that they are white, black and red because that is the new color scheme in my kitchen after my winter self home-renovation project.

They seemed perfect.

When they arrived, I was a little surprised because they were smaller than I expected. That’s totally on me because I didn’t check out the size specifications before I impulse-clicked. (Product size for these guys is listed on Amazon as 8.66 x 2.76 x 2.36 inches.)

Because they are bowling pin-shaped, I sort of expected the two larger ones to be about the size of a bowling pin, or almost twice their actual size. That was a little disappointing.

chicken figurines
I love their expressions and the fact that they all seem to be looking in different directions, just like real chickens. As a side note, the lighting in this pic makes it hard to see their legs, which are black metal.

I had planned on putting them on the counters when I thought they were going to be bigger.

Overall, they look pretty much like the ones in the picture, although maybe a little less shiny and the black paint is chipped slightly in some spots.

Also, the paint around parts of the beak look like it has kind of bled a bit out from where it’s supposed to be. Those are mostly minor imperfections that I don’t think anyone would really notice without close inspection.

Even though they are simple in design, they definitely have character. Each one appears to have it’s own unique expression, and they are very cute to look at. So, they will go on the ledge of one of the windows over the sink.I think they will make me smile when I’m doing the dishes. And, they’ll also likely remind me to check out size specs before I order anything online in the future!



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