Review of Cardboard Scratch Kitty Hotel

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I recently ordered this American Cat Club Cardboard Scratch Kitty Hotel for my cats. I thought it was cute. Plus, I was hoping it would encourage my cat, Motor, to spend more time in the bedroom. A comfy kitty hotel seemed like it would do the trick.

Cat Club cat hotel in box
The hotel needed to be assembled when it arrived. As you can see, it came in three pieces, including a cat scratcher for the floor, which is a nice touch, especially since Motor loves them, and the hotel pieces
The instructions were, to me anyway, not super clear, so I just went ahead and assembled the hotel from scratch (first pun of the article — will there be another one?)

It took about two to three minutes, since it was just a matter of folding and then inserting the tabs into the slots.Assembled Cat Club hotel
Both Motor and Poussey were really curious to inspect the assembled product. I took about eight pictures of Motor checking it out, but they all came out blurry, so here’s Poussey:
Poussey can cat hotel
I assembled the hotel this morning and, as of this evening, neither cat has gone inside it yet. Some cats are natural explorers. My cats tend to err on the side of caution and I’m pretty sure they will end up checking in (and there it is!) to the hotel soon.

I’m really hoping they enjoy it and it’s tempting to order more because there are so many different cute styles, including the ones below.


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