Review of ‘Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat’

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Awhile back, Wow My Pet Did That wrote about the release of a new book, “Ceci: The Midjudged Rescue Cat,” by Elizabeth Cee.

At the time, I was so moved by the pictures and video about Ceci (which you can see below), that I put the book on my list of books to read. Fast forward to now, and I just finished reading it, having plowed through it over the course of a few nights because I wanted to find out what happened to Ceci and the other cats.

This book is a quick and direct read through which readers get to know members of the cat colony and the author of the book, along with others she meets who end up working to help these cats, including Ceci, a fragile and scared kitten that some think is too old to be socialized and moved into a loving home. But, the author feels that Ceci can’t stay at the car park and doesn’t give up.

I won’t give away any details, but I will say that the book definitely helps illustrate how important patience and persistence are when attempting to help stray animals both because the animals because plans can and will fall through along the way and because animals don’t always know when someone is trying to help them.

This book is definitely recommended for cat lovers, especially those who are considering rescuing cats and want an idea of what to expect or those who have helped rescue cats already and will be able to relate to the author’s experiences.

There are at least a few feral cat colonies in the town where I live and I have so much respect for those who help these cats with TNR and/or finding them homes if possible. This book is actually set in a car park in Australia, which, unfortunately, shows that the problem of stray and abandoned cats is worldwide. Books such as this, however, also help show how getting involved can make a world of difference for some animals.


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    • It’s sad because they start off homeless, but nothing bad happens to any of the cats, thank goodness.

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