Review of Henny Penny Shrimp and Mealworm Medley for chickens

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I like to get my chickens mealworms on a pretty regular basis, but it can get expensive. So, I was looking for a mealworm treat that wouldn’t cost too much, but which would make the chickens happy.

four chicks and adult Silkie hen
These four chicks are shown here when they were young lining up for mealworms — their favorite snack — with their adoptive mom, a Silkie hen.

I purchased “The Original Henny Penny Shrimp & Mealworm Medley” from The product size is 10 oz. and the cost was a little under $10, not including shipping.

All of my chickens are crazy about mealworms, but I wasn’t sure what they would think about shrimp. It’s a packaged combination of dried shrimp and dried mealworms in what appears to be fairly equal amounts.

Turns out, I didn’t have to worry.

All four of my Barred Rock hens, my two Rhode Island Red hens, and my three Silkies (rooster and two hens) loved the stuff, happily crunching up the shrimp just as fast as they gobbled up the mealworms.

So much so that, although the bag says, “Add a small amount of Henny Penny Shrimp and Mealworm Medley to supplement your bird’s diet,” my flock ended up polishing off the entire bag on the first day.

I probably would have been a little more sparing with it, but it has been raining here a lot and pretty cold, so I thought I’d indulge them since free-ranging offerings are probably a little sparse right now.

After the first bag was quickly depleted, I ordered a second bag, which I’m doling out more slowly. If you’re interested in a little more info about nutrition, here’s the label:

Henny Penny lable
Protein, not less than 60%; fast, not less than 5%, fiber, more than 1.7%; moisture, not moree than 15%; ash, not more than 3%.




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