Sanctuary helps abandoned animals, including giving puppy who can’t walk a whole new chance at life

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A resident of Rindge, New Hampshire, became aware that pet owners were using his acres of land as a dumping ground for their unwanted animals, so he took this as a sign to transform his property into an animal sanctuary.

According to a press release, Tony Lombardo formed Ticket to Heaven Animal Rescue (TTHAR), finding resources to help puppies, senior pets and pets with special needs find their forever homes, as well as get them needed healthcare.

Among the animals rescued are a Pomeranian puppy with swimmer’s syndrome named Toby.

Toby was abandoned and unable to walk or move. His condition left him with his legs splayed out to the side, making standing on his own impossible. Lombardo partnered with Canine Strong, a Concord, New Hampshire, rehabilitation facility to give Toby his best chance of recovery. Canine Strong knew Toby would need a dog wheelchair and connected Tony with Walkin’ Pets.

Walkin’ Pets donated a wheelchair to Toby to assist him in his rehabilitation journey and help him become more adoptable. The Walkin’ Pets team drove to Canine Strong to gift him with his new wheels, help him adjust, and spend time making sure it was the perfect fit.

Toby’s full support Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair will be utilized in Toby’s therapy sessions to help him reposition his legs and hopefully move on his own.

Toby can be seen in his new wheels in the short video below.

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