Site provides list of Italian dog names

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For those who love everything Italian, searching for Italian dog names might lead to Bella (a popular choice), or Italian-food-related monikers, such as Pizza or Lasagne.

For those looking for something less common or more authentic, there is a website that contains over 200 genuinely 100% Italian names with full explanations and the of the meaning.

According to a press release, the dog names featured on the website would be of interest to anyone looking to name a new dog.

Is your dog a Ricardo? (Powerful Leader) Or, an Antonia (Priceless individual)?The descriptions should help with finding a name that matches an animal’s unique personality.

The site also contains a section on Italian dog breeds, such as the Italian Greyhound, a sleek and sought-after breed seen with many a celeb, such as Kylie Jenner.

To check out the site and maybe find the perfect name for your new dog, visit:


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