Four family activities that teach children to love animals and nature

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MISSION, Kansas (PRNewswire and Family Features Editorial Syndicate) — While children gain knowledge and experience in the classroom,activities done outside of that setting can help encourage kids to keep learning and make family moments more enjoyable for everyone involved.

From planning trips that celebrate animals and the great outdoors to rainy day activities at home that inspire creative expression, these ideas can also produce some family moments worth remembering.

1. Go on a scavenger hunt

From native species of plants, animals and insects to neighborhood landmarks, there are plenty of interesting things that can be found right in your own backyard.

Organize a scavenger hunt and work together in teams of family members to search for each item on the list. Once you return home, do more research on what you found once you return home.

For a real challenge, expand your hunt to the city limits of your hometown and make a day trip of the adventure.

2. Hang out with wildlife.

Toddler learning about birds
River Park North, Greenville, NC. Photo by Barbara Bullington

Learn about different species of animals, how to help protect them, and the importance of eco-friendly everyday practices by visiting a destination like an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited zoo or aquarium.

You can explore the challenges facing endangered species, discover how community programs are spurring positive change for conservation and learn more at

After learning about animals that need help, visit for fun kids games, coloring pages and other activities that encourage creativity.

Many animal sanctuaries and wildlife recovery centers also have endangered species and offer educational information about them.

3. Visit a national park.

Many park ranger programs provide opportunities to interact with the animals that live in the area, as well as information about any endangered animals and how you can help with conservation efforts.

While in the park, you can also enjoy a nature hike, have a picnic lunch and view the different species of plants in the region.

4. Enjoy an arts and crafts day.

Spending time doing an art project is a hands-on way to help introduce kids to new ideas and ways of learn­ing. Engage the entire family by creating crafts with different subjects of interest. This can help create conversations and opportunities to further explore what your children are interested in.

Here are some links to animal-related craft projects for kids:

Capture Moments That Matter
You can make any of the above learning adventures more memorable in the following ways.

1. Drawing, or writing in a diary/journal. For older kids, encourage them to use words to describe their adventures. Ask younger kids to draw a scene or image that captured their attention or excited them the most.

2. Have your kids design a diorama about your family’s adventures to display in your home to show extended family and friends. Make it a conversation piece by asking kids to think about an endangered species and depict its living environment.

3. Take photos to share with friends and family both online and in-person.

Get creative with your photo-taking by encouraging kids to think about the story they’ll tell through the images.

Another way to capture photographic memories is a photo treasure hunt, through which kids have a list of items to search for and photograph during each outing.

4. Create a family calendar to plan your summer activities together. Anticipating upcoming adventures is part of the fun. Let kids help you keep track of what’s coming up and build excitement with a personalized calendar. Make it a work of art by asking kids to draw icons or small images that depict upcoming activities.

5. Share experiences on social media. Let friends and family in on the fun by sharing your photos, drawings, dioramas and other creations online. S

Find more ideas for capturing and sharing experiences at

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