Smart dog collar will find your dog and keep it safe

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The product: LINK AKC Smart Collar

What it does for dogs:

•Helps locate a lost dog with GPS tracking. Uses advanced GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular data to bring dog’s location to your smart phone. Receive a notification if they leave home unexpectedly and use app to quickly track them down with location updates on a map.
•monitors their fitness with daily activity goals. The Link AKC app provides daily activity monitoring with goals customized for your dog’s age, weight, and breed.
•has LED light for safety at night.
•Remote activated sound helps aid in positive reinforcement training or can simply help you find your dog in the backyard.
•You can even keep a digital scrapbook of your adventures together including route maps, timestamps and photos you take.

What it costs: Approximate $99 to $150, depending on whether discount available.

Do people like it? They seem to. Here’s the most indepth/helpful review I could find: