Still looking for a unique holiday gift for your cat? Five of the most interesting cat gifts we’ve seen

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There’s nothing like the joy of giving and giving to our pets is no exception.

But, while looking for some gifts for our own pets, we came across some interesting options that are unusual to say the least, but maybe they will work for the cat that has everything?

  1. FUZZU Donald Trump Special Edition Political Parody Novelty 8-inch Cat Toy

    Whatever your cat’s political leaning, what kitty doesn’t need an 8-inch Donald Trump doll to play with? And it’s catnip-filled to boot.

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2. Kitan Club Cat Cap –

Is your cat fashion forward? This flower hat for your cat is available in five styles.

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3. Ronton Cat Toothbrush Catnip Toy 

What could be more fun than a toy that is also a toothbrush? Not much, if you ask us. But this rubber toy, which is also apparently good for your kitty’s teeth, can be made even more appealing by tucking some catnip (included) inside it and a-fixing a bell (also included).

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4. TOPKITCH New 2020 Safari Activity Cat Tree Condo with Scratching Posts

This uber cute cat activity tower is designed to look like a zebra and could blend in especially well in a black and white decorated room.

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5. Balacoo Cat Scratcher Cardboard House 

If your kitty has her mind on her money and her money on her mind, give her a safe and fun place to scratch her claws and take a nap with this faux money cardboard, scratcher house. And, maybe save a real stack of money in the process if it helps kitty stop scratching the furniture.

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