Survey finds that many pet parents share pet photos and videos on social media, while smaller number of pets have own accounts

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Readers were given the opportunity to address their day-to-day pet care routines, as well as the ways pet parenthood affects annual traditions, like holiday celebrations and vacations, and whether or not they celebrate their pet’s birthday each year.

The survey also took a look at shopping habits, whether they talk to their pet, if they allow their pet to sleep in bed with them.

Some of the findings:

•Nearly half (45.7%) of respondents are “dog people,” around a quarter (25.8%) prefer cats, 16% keep both animals under one roof, and about 12% responded to the survey with their horses, hamsters, and parakeets in mind.

•73.9% buy their pets birthday presents each year.

•88.1% said they talk to their pets.

•60.23% said they share the bed with their pet(s).

•2020 was, of course, a tough year for the economy, but, the majority of pet parents (64.73%) spent between $100 and $500 or more on non-medical needs and supplies.

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  1. I guess my blog would count as my cats having their own account because it is linked to FB and Twitter. :)Happy New YEar!

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