Survey shows how pet parents have changed over the past 10 years

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Wisdom Health Genetics, the world’s leader in pet genetics and maker of Wisdom Panel™ dog DNA tests, recently announced the results of the 2020 Pet Census survey and comparisons with the 2010 survey show a number of changes.

More than 13,000 pet parents responded to the 2020 Pet Census survey, representing nearly 25,000 dogs and more than 6,000 cats.

Some of the findings include:

  • The Rise in Rescuing: Dog adoption has increased by more than 16% since 2010; with nearly 63% of 2020 pet parents surveyed adopting their pup and 51% adopting their cat from a shelter or rescue.
  • The most common spot for both dogs and cats to sleep is in bed with their humans.
dog in pajamas
Meadow has her pjs and is ready for bed.
  • The activities pet parents enjoy most with their dogs and cats are snuggling and playing, and 75% of pet parents listed companionship as the top reason for getting their pets.
  •  The bond with pets is so strong that 72% of dog parents and 32% of cat parents admit they’ve canceled plans to spend time with their pets.
  • 64% of pet parents view their dog or cat as a child or family member.
infographic statistics about pet adoption
Part of infographic from WisdomPanel. For the full infographic, click on the image.

Pet genetic testing
When it comes to DNA tests, the 2020 survey revealed a stark difference between dog and cat DNA testing: 66.6% of dog parents have done a DNA test for their pet, while only 1.6% of cat parents have.

The majority of dog parents were motivated primarily by curiosity. But both dog and cat parents indicated a desire to better understand their pets. Improving potential health outcomes were cited as additional motivators.



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