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We first found out about Piggyback Treats at a vendor booth in an outdoor Philadelphia market during a vacation when family members bought a scarf for their dog, Meadow, along with some treats (including a large bone that helped keep Meadow happy in the hotel room).

Meadow wearing scarf

Meadow got a lot of compliments on her scarf while being walked on the streets of Philadelphia, BTW.

Anyway, Piggyback Treats has a cool story, so we thought we would share a little of it.

Their goal is to create each preservative-free treat from an original recipe with a main ingredient that is a “rescued” food item, such as fallen apples from orchards and by-products from butcher shops. In the process, they work with local and regional businesses to help reduce their food waste.

The treats are made by a chef and packaged in Philadelphia, but if you can’t make it to Pennsylvania, no worries. You can also visit their shop online at where you can find a wide array of treats for your dog(s), including pumpkin bones, dehydrated wild caught salmon skins, and peanut butter bier bones.

And, yes, you can also get a hand-crocheted pet scarf like Meadow has (or in other color combinations and sizes).

Meadow wearing scarf


  1. Wow! What a wonderful write-up! Thank you for taking the time to share with your friends about us! We truly appreciate your support!!! 💗

    • You’re very welcome! We are always excited to find a great pet business that is doing something in a sustainable way!

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