Bob the ‘street cat’ passes away at 14

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We first fell in love with Bob the cat when we chanced upon the movie, “A Street Cat Named Bob.”

That movie, which you can learn more about here, portrayed a moving story about how “James Bowen, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat.”

According to publisher Hodder & Stoughton, Bob the cat died on 15 June at the age of at least 14 years.

Over the course of his life, Bob touched many others, starting with Bowen, who credits the loyal, loving and intelligent creature with saving his life.

According to the the official James Bowen & Streetcat Bob page, in 2012 Hodder & Stoughton published James’ first book, “A Street Cat Named Bob.” More than eight million copies of the book — along with its sequels — “The World According to Bob,” “A Gift from Bob” and “The Little Book of Bob” – have been sold in more than forty languages.

The book was made into the film in 2016 (starring Luke Treadaway as James) and with Bob appearing in the film as himself.

A sequel, “A Gift from Bob,” is expected later this year.

We very recently had the pleasure of sitting in on some of a livestream from James and Bob as they met virtually with fans from all over the world. People’s love for both James and Bob was very clear as they asked questions about James, Bob or Bowen’s other cats; spoke about how inspired they were by the book(s) or movie; and watched Bob chillin with his feline friends in his outdoor enclosure.

As one person commenting on Bowen’s Facebook page put it in a post to Bowen today:

“I hope you can feel the love from everyone as you mourn the loss of darling Bob. You’re a wonderful, courageous and inspiring person and Bob was an amazing cat.”





Wow! This cat is amazing! A look at a must-see movie for cat lovers

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So, last night, I somehow stumbled upon the movie, “A Street Cat Named Bob,” and I’m really glad I did.

Here’s the description of the movie from Amazon Prime, and below that is the trailer. “Based on the international bestselling book. The true, feel-good story of how James Bowen, a busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat.”

This was a great movie to watch and it held my attention all the way through. (It was released in 2016, but somehow I missed it.)

Some things I loved about the movie:

•Luke Treadaway is awesome is the main character, James Bowen. His portrayal is funny and sweet and feels very realistic, as he grudgingly becomes very attached to Bob the cat while also battling drug addiction.

•Bob the cat is adorable. According to Wikipedia, Bob actually plays himself in the movie, along with some stand-ins, including Oscar, Booker, Jafffa, Leo, Ricki and Trayce.

•The movie alternates between the points of view of Bob and James; so, at certain points, you get a sense of what life is like through Bob’s eyes. This adds an extra dimension to the movie, helping to make Bob a character instead of a prop, like some animals seem to be depicted in movies.

•Even though the film is about a serious subject, and there are some sad moments and villains (mostly in the form of people who are jealous of James and Bob or just mean-spirited), there are humorous moments, including ongoing encounters between Bob and a mouse.

The movie currently has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on 487 reviews, and that’s not surprising to me because it is an uplifting movie based on a true story with a positive message throughout — never give up, no matter how hard things get.

The film is based on a book, “A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life,” which I will very likely be reading in the near future.

By the way, here’s a short news story showing the real James with Bob — a truly incredible cat — before the movie was made:


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