Purina ‘challenging’ cat owners to try allergy-reducing cat food

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Purina Pro Plan has partnered with Mayim Bialik to kick-off The LiveClear Challenge, encouraging cat owners with cat allergen sensitivities to discover Pro Plan LiveClear, the first and only cat food that reduces the major allergen in cat hair and dander.

For each person who signs up at proplanliveclear.com through the end of the year, Pro Plan will donate $5 to the Petfinder Foundation, up to $25,000, to fund a cat retention grant program that helps keep cats in happy homes – regardless of allergen sensitivities.

How Purina Pro Plan works:

As many as 1 in 5 adults are sensitive to cat allergens. While many people think cat hair is the problem, it’s actually what’s on it—a protein called Fel d 1 that cats produce in their saliva. When cats groom, Fel d 1 gets on their hair and skin through the saliva, then into the environment when they shed.

When cats eat Pro Plan LiveClear, the key ingredient – a specific protein sourced from eggs – binds to Fel d 1 and safely neutralizes it in the cat’s mouth. Reducing the active allergen in saliva reduces the allergen transferred to the hair and dander when grooming, ultimately decreasing the allergen in the environment.

While not intended to replace other methods for managing allergens, Pro Plan LiveClear can add another measure to help reduce the allergen burden in cat-owning households.

“As a neuroscientist and all-around science ‘nerd’ myself, I appreciate the decade of research that went into developing Pro Plan LiveClear and what it means for cat-lovers like me,” said Bialik in a press release. “Several people close to me are sensitive to cat allergens, including my boyfriend, and while I take many steps already to manage allergens in my home, it’s often not enough. I’m taking The LiveClear Challenge with my three cats so that hopefully those I love can feel more comfortable being in my home and getting closer to my cats.”

Pro Plan LiveClear is available at pet specialty and online retailers in six formulas, including Adult Chicken & Rice, Adult Salmon & Rice, Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Turkey & Oatmeal, and the newest formulas Adult Weight Management, Adult Indoor and Adult 7+ Prime Plus.

To learn more about Pro Plan LiveClear or to sign up for The LiveClear Challenge and save $8, visit www.proplanliveclear.com.




Purina launches allergen-reducing cat food


Purina launches allergen-reducing cat food

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As many as one in five adults worldwide are sensitive to cat allergens. But, for many, that doesn’t mean foregoing the joy of cat ownership, although it might mean a some sneezing, watery eyes or other allergy-related symptoms.

Those owners with sensitivity might be relieved to find that Nestlé Purina has developed Purina Pro Plan LiveClear, the first and only cat food that reduces the allergens in cat hair and dander, according to a the company.

The food is “a 100% complete, nutritious and balanced dry cat food that has been shown to significantly reduce the allergens in cat hair and dander in as little as three weeks when fed daily,” says the company.

The product stems from more than a decade of research, and it is now available in the U.S. at Chewy, PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and other pet specialty retailers in three formulas – Adult Chicken & Rice, Adult Salmon & Rice, and Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Turkey & Oat Meal.

Additionally, Purina Pro Plan LiveClear recently earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal, a trusted and highly regarded emblem for millions of consumers. The emblem signifies the product has been evaluated and approved for Seal use by the scientists and engineers at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

So how does it work?

“Many people think that cat hair is the root of their problem,” explained Ebenezer Satyaraj, Ph. D, immunologist for Nestlé Purina Research and lead investigator for the research, “but it’s actually what’s on it – the major cat allergen called Fel d 1, a protein that cats produce naturally in their saliva.”

Fel d1 is an allergen produced by all cats, primarily in their salivary and sebaceous glands. It is transferred to a cat’s hair and skin during grooming, then dispersed in the environment via hair and dried skin flakes.

The key ingredient in Pro Plan LiveClear is a specific protein sourced from eggs. When cats eat LiveClear, the protein binds to the Fel d 1 and safely neutralizes it in the cat’s mouth. Reducing active Fel d 1 in the cat’s saliva reduces the allergen that is transferred to the cat’s hair and dander when they groom, ultimately reducing the allergen in the environment without impacting the cat.

For more information on Purina Pro Plan LiveClear, visit www.proplanliveclear.com or follow @ProPlanCat on Twitter and Instagram or @PurinaProPlanCat on Facebook.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/purina-pro-plan-announces-the-first-and-only-allergen-reducing-cat-food-301011425.html

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