Can chickens and peacocks live together?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

These are our pet peacocks, Trent (we bought him from a woman who lived in a really rural area off of a Trent Road and the whole time we were like “where’s Trent Road? where’s Trent Road?” so we named him Trent) and Sweet Pea (she’s the white one). They are still pretty young. Trent actually just opened his tail up for the first time on the day this video was taken and it’s kind of amusing because he doesn’t have a train yet, so he’s just got one round back fan. We are actually hoping that Sweet Pea is a peahen (female), and she seems to be, but it’s hard to sex peachicks, which is what they were when we got them.

This video probably answers the question that a lot of people have, which is “Can chickens and peacocks live together?” Not only do these four live together in a pen, but Sweet Pea actually got so upset the first time we let the chickens out and not the peacocks (they were new to the pen but the chickens had been in there all along, so, when we first moved the peacocks in with them they all stayed in together for awhile before we let the chickens back out again) to roam, Sweat Pea and Trent got unbelievably upset. They kept pacing and honking until the chickens were rounded back up and safely brought back in to them. Continue reading “Can chickens and peacocks live together?”