Temporary tattoos for the pet lover launched in time for holiday gifting

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Kristen Levine, a pet lifestyle expert and the creator of the Pet Living multimedia content platform for pet parents, announced the launch of her latest brand called Pet Living Ink — Temporary Tattoos for the Unapologetic Pet Lover.

This line of pet-inspired temporary tattoos was created with fellow pet parents in mind.

“For years I wanted to get a tattoo to honor my soul-dog, Buck, but haven’t been ready to commit to a permanent design,” said Kristen Levine, creator of Pet Living Ink. “When I couldn’t find any temporary options tailored to adult pet lovers, it inspired me to create my own line featuring cute and fun designs to give pet parents options to show off their love for their pets.”

Levine worked with several graphic artists and illustrators to create designs that aligned with her vision for the product, as well as a manufacturer in the United States to ensure the highest safety and quality standards.

temporary tattoos, paw prints
photo used with permission from FetchingCommunication.com

Her inaugural line, Pet Living Ink — the Whimsy Collection, offers pet lovers a variety of traditional black and flashy metallic designs for temporary body art.

She plans to follow the initial launch with additional collections to offer even more themes, styles and colors.

 About Pet Living with Kristen Levine

Connecting pets, people, and brands for 30+ years, Kristen Levine is a renowned pet living expert, marketer, speaker, columnist, and social influencer. She is driven by the passionate belief that we need pets as much as they need us, and that by making the world a better place for them, we make it a better place for ourselves.

Source: Petpr.com

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