Thankful Thursday blog hop

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We’re participating in the Brian’s Home Thankful Thursday blog hop, which you can participate in here:

So, here goes:

Today is my birthday, so I’m thankful for 51 years so far.

Also, I’m very thankful for all the regular and new visitors to this blog! It makes me so happy to see people come and like posts and post comments!

And, third, I’m thankful to be back online. The internet conked out on Saturday and the service person finally came today. I live in the country, so no internet means driving at least 10 minutes to find free wifi if I don’t have it at home. You don’t even realize how much you rely on the internet until it’s suddenly not working! No emails, no online shopping, no getting any work done, no blogging, no social media, no soft guitar music from youtube to help the grandson fall asleep at night, no looking up answers to the many questions you have, including “how can I find temporary internet when I live in the country and my internet is out?” I suddenly realized, oh, yes, there’s this thing called a telephone for getting in touch with people, but it’s still good to be back!

(My featured photo is my dog Amy, who was listening to far off fireworks the other night. Her ears were going all over the place and it was pretty darn cute!)