Thankful Thursday blog hop

two hens
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This is only our second blog hop, and yet we have already met so many great people and animals! Today’s blog hop is the Thankful Thursday blog hop started by

You can get the code to enter by clicking here and also post the things for which we are most thankful on your blog and/or the comments section on

Today, we’re thankful for family — those human or scaly or furry or feathered — members who bring so much joy, unconditional love and purpose into our lives. We’ve posted a picture of some of our chickens in the blog hop pics because they are amazing and fascinating and we love to watch them just being chickens. They also seem to know the true meaning of family. When they come out to free range, they pretty much stay together, with the rooster keeping a watchful eye over the hens. When they go back into their pen at dark, they will not rest until all chickens are present and accounted for.