The biggest metal rooster in all the land

Metal lawn rooster

We really like our used (gives it character) metal rooster that we got for 20 bucks at the Raleigh Flea Market.

Metal lawn rooster

But, if you’re not satisfied with just a regular-sized lawn rooster, check out this giant one we saw on a recent visit to Tractor Supply.

Large metal lawn rooster
Large metal lawn rooster at Tractor Supply

The regular-size metal rooster almost looks ashamed standing next to him, doesn’t he? (Although, in real life, we have observed that all roosters seem to think they are six feet tall.)

For just $169.99, this big guy can be yours at Tractor Supply.

Here’s the product description from the Tractor Supply site:

The Red Shed Decorative Metal Rooster is a one of a kind garden piece that’s guaranteed to stand out in almost any yard. This stylish iron rooster instantly adds character wherever it goes. It’s light, fun and has everything needed to get your friends and family talking about your yard.

Yeah, we’ll say he would be a definite conversation starter.

His dimensions are: 71.5” x 47” 16.5”, which makes this guy almost six feet tall (although we’re sure he already believes he is six feet).

If you’re wondering, like we were, whether he could somehow work as an indoor decoration, the description also says “for outdoor use.”

Which is probably good because, if kept inside, he might freak out any indoor pets you have.

But, we were also thinking that’s another upside to this large rooster. Besides just being for decoration, he might be very good at scaring away possible predators from your actual chickens or keeping animals out of your garden.

If not, you will at least have the satisfaction of knowing you have the biggest rooster on the block.

Well, maybe. We did a search to see if there were any bigger metal roosters out there and we found one on arusticgarden.com that stands almost 6 and 1/2 feet tall.

You pay for that approximately extra half a foot though. This guy is $574.95.

77" metal lawn rooster

On the same site, we found perhaps the granddaddy of all metal rooster sculptures. This one stands at 96″ tall. That’s 8 feet! And for a mere $1,095.99.

Very, very large metal rooster
96 inch metal rooster lawn sculpture from https://www.arusticgarden.com/96velamero.html

Where will it all end?! We don’t know because we got tired of searching to see if there are bigger metal roosters out there.

But, seriously, we love all things chicken, metal and outdoor gardening, so if you have any pictures of any of the above in your lawn or something similar, or an even bigger lawn rooster, that you’d like to share with us so we can post them on our site, please email to bullington2018@gmail.com.






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